Solar Thermal Monitoring

Solar Wave Energy, Inc. specializes in solar thermal monitoring.

Our Thermal-Grid service has just gone live!

Thermal-Grid integrates with RESOL (Vbus) systems without the need for third-party hardware! The DL2 can be used to monitor RESOL-centric sites inexpensively. You may have already purchased one!

In this initial beta release, we are offering the service for free. At least until our snazzy new company web page is finished.

Currently Solar Wave is in a limited release of our new solar energy commissioning and monitoring product line. After a year of live testing sites such as this one, we are offering our product to installers and program managers for assessing individual and portfolios of solar hot water systems.

Thermal-Grid is compatible with...
RESOL, Caleffi ISolar, Viessmann, Velux, Stiebel Eltron SOM, and other VBus controls.
If you have one, give us a call.